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Wednesday 30th January 2019

At the Hoddesdon & District Swimming Gala, our Year 5 and 6 swimming team won a bronze trophy. Every single child made it to the final of their event and contributed to our team score. What a fantastic achievement. Well done swimmers!

Tuesday 22nd January 2019

A team of year 1 and 2 children entered a multi skills competition. Their determination and hard work paid off as the won a silver medal. Well done Team Broxbourne 🙂

December 2018

Santa Dash – House Competition

Our inaugural Santa Dash proved to be festively epic and good fun was had by all. When all dashers had their finishing positions totalled for their house, the results were:

1st place—Reds with 854 points

2nd place—Greens with 986 points

3rd place—Blues with 1058 points

4th place—Yellows with 1,198 points

Well done to all our dashing Santas!


Friday 12th October

Saracens Girls Rugby Festival

An amazing 19 girls took part in the rugby festival. The girls showed great team spirit and played with enthusiasm. Scores were not recorded, but all of the girls did a great job and I am looking forward to seeing more of them join up to Tag Rugby Club on a Thursday lunch time.

Thank you for your effort girls!

Miss Wild

October 2018

Football House Competition

All of the children were invited to play in our house competition played at lunch times. Thank you to all those who signed up! It is great to see so many of you participating in competitive sport!

Girls Football

1st – Blue Badgers (50 points)

2nd – Red Squirrels (40 points)

3rd – Yellow foxes (30 points)

4th – Green Hedgehogs (20points)

Boys Year 3/4 Football

Joint 1st – Red Squirrels & Green hedgehogs (50 points)

3rd – Yellow Foxes (30 points)

4th – Blue Badgers (20 points)

Boys Year 5/6 Football

1st – Green Hedgehogs (50 points)

2nd – Yellow Foxes (40 points)

3rd – Red Squirrels (30 points)

4th – Blue Badgers (20points)


Friday 9th November

Inter Primary Cup

What a fantastic performance by our football and netball squads at the inter primary cup! We had an A, B and C team participating in the inter primary cup competition. Each team represented our school with great sportspersonship, passion and determination.

A particular well done to the netball A and football A team who won the overall competition.

Also, a great performance by our netball B and football B team who made it through to the semi-finals, where Broxbourne A played Broxbourne B team.

Great job everyone! Thank you

Miss Wild

Tuesday 13th November

Basketball Competition

Well done to our Basketball teams for taking part in the festival today. Mrs Wood was extremely impressed with your skill and competitiveness. You represented our school fantastically. Congratulations to both teams on your performance. They both reached the semi-finals. One of our teams won the whole event and they will be going on to a Level 3 Basketball Competition.

Thank you.
Miss Wild

Wednesday 14th November

Netball and Football Competition at John Warner

Well done to our Netball and Football team for their effort and performance in the competition. A particular well done to the netballers, for showing a wonderful attitude towards their opponents and respecting each other and their coach. Thank you Miss Richardson for taking the netballers. Also, thank you to Mrs Davidson, Mr Markham and Mr Wilson for taking the footballers.

Miss Wild

Tuesday 20th November

Active Broxbourne Sports Award Ceremony

Last year’s cricket team won the ‘OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE OF THE YEAR’ award last night at the ‘Active Broxbourne Sports Award Ceremony.’ We are so proud of you all on your achievement! Well to the whole team!

Miss Wild