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Email:  pta@broxbourne-pri.herts.sch.uk

Did you know that by just being a member of our school, you automatically become a member of the PTA? A PTA is for everyone, it is a very good way to bring together parents, teachers and friends who are interested in supporting the school. It provides an opportunity for everyone to work together with a common goal. All parents and teachers can get involved if they want to even if they only have a small amount of time available.   Our PTA is a real partnership where parents and teachers working together have developed a valuable relationship between home and school.

Here are some photographs taken at our Christmas Fair!

What does the PTA do?

  • Fundraises by way of special events or activities in school to help the school provide “extras” for the children.
  • Runs social events for parents and children.
  • Enjoys great opportunities to meet and get to know each other.

PTA Committee

The PTA committee is made up of a team of parents and teacher representatives of the whole school community.  We are particularly grateful to the teachers who give up their valuable free time to support events.  We value and appreciate their contribution to this important part of our school life.  The committee meets at school on a monthly basis, where possible, to discuss fundraising ideas and how to spend money raised.  Our meetings are very informal and newcomers are always welcome.

Chairs:         Lucy Farley
Vice-Chair:  TBC
Treasurer:   Effie Yates
Secretary:   Nilufer Wadge
Members:    Donna Cecil – Smith, Zoe Grist, Garima Nevatia, Katy Dobson, Lynn Pope, Irene Winning, Danielle Lawley, Indi Alexander, Denise Tubbs, Simone Parker, Anthea Francis.

Class Rep Co-ordinator:   Mary Jaques and Indi Alexander

Staff Member:   Cheryl Mills

Class Representatives

Our class representatives undertake a very important role.  There are usually two representatives per class who provide a link between individual classes, parents and the PTA committee.  The support from class representatives is vital when it comes to organising our main events.  They take charge of their individual class stalls for both the summer and Christmas fairs and, with the support of the PTA committee, organise rotas of help and donations.  We really could not manage without them.

Future Events

No Events

Annual General Meeting (AGM)

Our Annual General Meeting is held in October at the beginning of the academic year and this is an opportunity for all parents to come along and hear in more detail about events, funds raised and how the money has been spent.  It is also the occasion when we elect our new committee and class representatives.  The next AGM will be TBA.

Our achievements to date

We are very proud of our hard work and what we have managed to achieve for our school and the children who attend. In partnership with the school we have been able to provide the following resources:

  • interactive whiteboards for every classroom;
  • new playground;
  • playground markings;
  • first aid training for every child in Year 6;
  • contribution towards Bibles for every child in Years 2 and 6;
  • replenishment of the playbark around the pirate ship play area;
  • playground boxes;
  • shed for EYFS storage.
  • iPads for all classes
  • refurbished library
  • first trim trail area

We are very grateful for all the parental support which enables us to give our children so many improved opportunities.