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Early Years 2

Welcome to EY2!  Our class teacher is Mrs Catlin and our Teaching Assistants are Mrs Wilson, Mrs Draper, Mrs Nevatia and Mrs Scozzaro

In EY2, the children have been settling into their new class and building relationships with new friends. The children are learning to use the different areas within our learning environment, both inside and outside of the classroom. Our ‘Rainbow Fish’ display represents how special and unique each child is within our class.

The children have enjoyed our first topic of ‘Animals’. After half term, they will begin learning about the topic of ‘Journeys’. We recently looked at the story of “Owl Babies” and the children made their own owls, using a printing technique (see photos).

In Literacy, the children have been learning all about sounds and the letters that represent these. They have been working very hard on their blending and segmenting skills, in order to read and write some simple words. After half term, they will continue to develop these skills as they attempt to write labels, lists and captions.

In Maths, we have explored numbers, counting and 2D shapes. After half term, they will explore measures, different ways of counting and basic addition methods.

In RE, the children have been exploring the story of Creation and what it means to be a Christian, using our class puppets “Tom” and “Tessa”. After half term, they will be learning about two different religious festivals- the Hindu festival of Diwali and the Christian festival of Christmas.

Each week in our Jigsaw sessions, the children explore a range of topics related to their personal, social and emotional development. We use books, role-play and circle time discussions to develop these vital aspects of a child’s learning.

As a team we are so impressed with the fantastic start that EY2 have made to their school education. We can’t wait to have a fantastic year with the children and watch them all flourish!