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The children at Broxbourne CE Primary School were asked why they like PE. Here’s what they said…

12/06/19 TENNIS

Well done to all of our Mini Orange Tennis players who represented our school. Mrs Brislin said you represented our school with pride and it was a great effort by all.


What an amazing afternoon of sport and activities for 24 pupils from across KS2 ranging from year 3 up to year 6. We had an A B and C team and all teams participated in activities such as curling, hand ball (blind folded) and orienteering. I was extremely proud of how you all conducted and challenged yourselves. I would like to say particular well done to Ben, Poppy and Moyin for being such fantastic team leaders and role models for the younger children.


We took two cricket teams to the cricket tournament this year because our new cricket club has proved to be a very popular after school club. This club was introduced based on pupil voice at the end of last year. Thank you to Mr Wilson and Mr Markham for running this club for our children. Both teams performed brilliantly and with great team spirit. Our B Team improved as the tournament progressed and managed to win 2 of their 4 games. Our A Team managed to win the whole tournament and will go on to represent our area at the Summer School Games Finals on 05/07/19.


WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW!!!!!!!! 4th PLACE AT DISTRICT SPORTS THIS YEAR! This is the best position we have EVER reached!  Each and every child who took part did our school and themselves extremely proud. A special mention to Sam in Year 4 who is the district sports champion for the bean bag race. Also, a particular well done to our Year 4’s who ran in the Year 5 races as unfortunately Year 5 missed district sports due to being on their residential trip.


We took two rounders teams to the tournament this year. Both teams performed with great passion and enthusiasm. Our A Team WON the event and the B Team missed out on the 3rd/4th play off by ½ just a rounder. It was a fantastic sporty afternoon!


Our cricket team represented our area (A10 ACTIVE) at the county finals. The whole team performed with passion and they progressed all the way through to the final. The final was extremely close and it was a draw at the end of the match (246 both teams taking 4 wickets each). It therefore went to a very tense bowl-off and Fleetwood won after all 8 players on both teams had bowled. We came a well-deserved second place and Mr Miller was very proud of the team.

08/07/19 SPORTS DAY

What a fantastic day! Well done to ALL of the children in our school for taking part in our whole school sports day.


YELLOW FOXES – 4th place BLUE BADGERS – 3rd place GREEN HEDGEHOGS – 2nd place

RED SQUIRRELS – 1st place


Congratulations to the winners of our Sporting Awards (see below):

Friday 8th March

Well done to all of the children who took part in the Sportshall Athletics competition. All of the teams did incredibly well. Our girl’s teams narrowly missed out on a bronze medal each coming in fourth place. A particular well done to the year 3 / 4 & 5 / 6 boys teams who won the event. Year 5 / 6 will now go on to represent our area in a level three competition.






I would like to make a special mention of Micah for demonstrating great sportspersonship at the event. Following her race she approached the child who won the race to say well done!

The outstanding performance of the event goes to Elliott. He threw the javelin 17 metres which was significantly further than any other child in year 3 / 4.


This event was against the 12 best schools across the county. Our boys year 5 & 6 team did a brilliant job and they came 8th. What a fantastic achievement for our school! A particular mention to Joss who won the javelin event!


What a fantastic performance by our B team Football Team who managed to qualify for the semi-finals against all of the schools in our area. They came in 4th place overall. Great achievement! Well done!

Tuesday 26th March ‘MULTI SKILLS YEAR 3 & 4’

The children who represented our school at the multi skills festival did so with great pride and honour. They all tried their best and they worked together as a team, encouraging one another and being extremely supportive. I felt extremely proud of each and every one of them. Well done guys!


Wednesday 27th March ‘NETBALL A & B TEAM TOURNAMENT’

It was an amazing performance by our A and B team who both came away with a bronze trophy. All the hard work and commitment of netball training throughout the year has paid off and you should all be very proud of yourselves. Well done girls, well deserved!


Congratulations to our ‘A Football Team’ who made it through to the finals at the football tournament. They all performed with great enthusiasm and they came back with the silver trophy!


April 2019 Netball/Hand Ball House Competition

All of the children were invited to play in our house competition played at lunch times. Thank you to all those who signed up! It is great to see so many of you participating in competitive sport!

Hand ball year 1 2 & 3

1st – Blue Badgers

Joint 2nd – Red Squirrels & Green hedgehogs

3rd – Yellow foxes (30 points)

Netball Year 4/5/6

Joint 1st – Yellow Foxes & Green hedgehogs

3rd – Red squirrels

4th – Blue Badgers

Overall results

1st place – Green hedgehogs

Joint 2nd – Red squirrels and Yellow Foxes

3rd place – Blue badgers

Friday 10th May 2019

Year 3 & 4 Netball / Football Tournament

Well done to all the girls and boys who took part in the tournament this week. You all represented our school fantastically and you should be proud of yourselves. I would like to say a particular well done to our year 3 boys team who won a silver medal and our A team in netball who won the tournament!


Friday 17th May

The whole school took part in a memorial run in memory of Todd Waldock. Well done to all of the children for showing great courage and determination when running their long distances. Thank you to Linda, Todd Waldock’s mum for also coming along to the event.

Tuesday 4th June 2019


We took two teams to the girl’s football tournament this year and it is brilliant that more girls are choosing to engage in this sport at our school. Our A team were extremely unlucky not to make it through to the semi-finals. They only lost one game all afternoon! The B team showed great perseverance and managed to win their last game. All of the girls demonstrated great sportspersonship throughout the competition.

Friday 12th October

Saracens Girls Rugby Festival

An amazing …. Girls took part in the rugby festival. The girls showed great team spirit and played with enthusiasm. Scores were not recorded but all of the girls did a great job and I am looking forward to seeing more of them join up to tag rugby club on a Thursday lunch time.

Thank you for your effort girls!

Miss Wild

October 2018

Football House competition

All of the children were invited to play in our house competition played at lunch times. Thank you to all those who signed up! It is great to see so many of you participating in competitive sport!


Girls Football

1st – Blue Badgers (50 points)

2nd – Red Squirrels (40 points)

3rd – Yellow foxes (30 points)

4th – Green Hedgehogs (20points)


Boys year 3/4 Football

Joint 1st – Red Squirrels &

Green hedgehogs (50 points)

3rd – Yellow Foxes (30 points)

4th – Blue Badgers (20points)


Boys year 5/6 Football

1st – Green Hedgehogs (50 points)

2nd – Yellow Foxes (40 points)

3rd – Red Squirrels (30 points)

4th – Blue Badgers (20points)


Friday 9th November

Inter Primary Cup

What a fantastic performance by our football and netball squads at the inter primary cup! We had an A, B and C team participating in the inter primary cup competition. Each team represented our school with great sportsperson ship, passion and determination.

A particular well done to the netball A and football A team who won the overall competition.

Also, a great performance by our netball B and football B team who made it through to the semi-finals where Broxbourne A played Broxbourne B team.

Great job everyone! Thank you

Miss Wild

Tuesday 13th November

Basketball competition

Well done to our Basketball teams for taking part in the festival today. Mrs Wood was extremely impressed with your skill and competitiveness. You represented our school fantastically. Congratulations to both teams on your performance. They both reached the semi-finals. One of our teams won the whole event and they will be going on to a level 3 basketball competition.

Thank you. Miss Wild

Wednesday 14th November

Netball and Football competition at John Warner

Well done to our Netball and football team for their effort and performance in the competition. A particular well done to the netballers for showing a wonderful attitude towards their opponents and respecting each other and their coach. Thank you Miss Richardson for taking the netballers. Also, thank you to Mrs Davidson, Mr Markham and Mr Wilson for taking the footballers.

Miss Wild

Tuesday 20th November

Active Broxbourne Sports Award Ceremony

Last year’s cricket team won the ‘OUTSTANDING PERFORMANCE OF THE YEAR’ award last night at the ‘Active Broxbourne Sports Award Ceremony.’ We are so proud of you all on your achievement! Well to the whole team!

Miss Wild