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Year 4

Welcome to an exciting term in Year 4 with Miss Tetlow and Mrs Rowbottom!

This year the children will have the opportunity to enjoy a different range of books, starting with Michael Morpurgo’s Beowulf. This thrilling, but gruesome, Anglo-Saxon story already has the Year 4 children gripped.  The children will be encouraged to read as much as possible and to find a love of reading. David Walliams is a firm favourite and I am sure there will be lots of laughter during whole class reading. The books we read will act as a stimulus for our exciting writing topics this year.

In maths, the children’s focus is to learn their times tables up to 12 times. This is essential for the official times table test which will take part in June! We have already started to practise in class and the children will work on their journey around the world with their ‘Maths Passport’ to complete this task in a fun and engaging way.

Year 4 will be motivated to believe in themselves and to always try their best using a growth mind-set approach. They will be urged to use their ‘learning powers’ when they face a challenge so they can be resilient learners.

We are looking forward to visiting  the magical Harry Potter world in the spring term. In the summer term, (covid dependant) we will be putting our costumes on as we experience a day in the life of a Tudor at the amazing Kentwell Hall.

I am looking forward to the year ahead with Year 4.

Christmas Science Enquiry!

As a way of developing our scientific enquiry skills, each year group took part in a Christmas themed science experiment. The children had to investigate dissolving candy canes, making decisions about the scientific questions they wanted to answer and deciding how best to carry out the experiment. It was fascinating seeing how the different liquids effected the speed at which the candy canes dissolved.