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School Hours

What time will my child start and finish school?

These are the current start and end times to our school day to minimise contact between class bubbles.


Year Start Time End Time Line-Up Point
Year 6 8.40am 3.00pm Year 6 Classroom Door
Year 5 8.45am 3.00pm KS2 Cloakroom Door
Year 4 8.40am 2.55pm KS2 Cloakroom Door
Year 3 8.50am 3.05pm KS2 Cloakroom Door
Year 2 8.45am 2.55pm Year 2 Classroom Door
Year 1 8.50am 3.00pm Year 1 Classroom Door
EY2 8.50am 3.00pm EY Entrance Gate – line up along hedges
EY1 9.05am 12.00pm/2.50pm EY Entrance Gate – line up along school building

Please note these times are subject to change.  If this is necessary communications will be sent.

If someone we do not know is collecting your child please let us know. It is a good idea to introduce your childminder to us. Early Years children will not be released to anyone we have not met before. We always need confirmation from one or both parents. It is extremely important that children arrive at school and are collected from school on time. Extended school facilities are available before school and at the end of the school day 3pm – 6pm (Please book in advance)