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Parental Survey November 2019 and Outcomes:

Dear Parents and Carers

Thank you to all of you who took the time to complete our most recent Parental Survey in November 2019 using the revised Ofsted questions which will be used during inspection. Your feedback and opinions are very important to us. We have been carefully analysing the results to identify what we can learn from your feedback to help us improve and develop all aspects of our school. As a school we are fully committed to constantly evaluating and refining our processes to be the very best we can be for our pupils, parents and school community. Your views form a vital part of that process.

There are an enormous number of positives in the survey and this highlights the very significant strengths the school has. We are delighted the vast majority of our parents feel we are delivering a high quality educational experience for their children. We equally feel it is important that we listen carefully and pay attention to those areas you feel could be improved upon. Below you will find a response to any main areas of concern and where appropriate the action we have been able to or will take going forward.

Finally, we welcome any feedback about any aspect of our school and I am always very keen to hear from parents with suggestions for improvements in the way we operate to deliver a first class holistic educational experience for our children and parents. We similarly greatly appreciate those parents who take the trouble of thanking our staff and conveying their gratitude for significant school events, milestone moments and things the school does well. We always relay these messages to our staff, I know they are appreciated, and, as Headteacher, this is an enjoyable part of my role. Please feel free to email me on, including ‘Parental Feedback’ within the subject line.  We will reissue our questionnaire at the end of the academic year to gauge our improvements against the areas presently identified.

With best wishes

Paul Miller

What does the School do particularly well?

In response to the above question, our parents answered as follows:

  • Teaching.
  • The range of after school clubs and activities has increased greatly over the last few years which is really great.
  • Support for child’s adaptation and learning
  • The school is very warm and welcoming. It appears to be a very calm environment where teachers have high expectations of pupils. Pupils in the nursery are well stimulated and clear routines are embedded.
  • Very supportive
  • Respect moral
  • Communication
  • Uses Tapestry frequently. Sends informative letters and emails on a regular basis.
  • Good morals
  • Makes my child feel safe and happy whilst at school
  • The teachers have been very good
  • Behaviour, manners, core subjects
  • Parents evening was really well organised. I also thought the appointment booking system was very good. All teaching staff have been very friendly and approachable. The administration staff are always extremely efficient and helpful. The school is really good at keeping parents informed of what’s going on within the school. The weekly newsletter is really helpful.
  • Lending of books
  • Lots of community activities
  • The school has a wide range of educational toys & activities & is a very organised & organised school.
  • Teach the children to have respect for each other and their teachers. To have fun enjoying learning new things.
  • Teaching and Learning
  • Teaches good behaviour and good manners which is reflected in senior school.
  • Feels like a community and the teachers & reception are always so helpful.
  • Sets high standards
  • Teaches children to love and respect themselves and each other which is so important.
  • Family and friendly school.
  • Make learning fun that they listen and can repeat what they have learnt with enthusiasm
  • As it is small, there’s is a very close relationship between the head teacher and the pupils and all the pupils together.
  • Reading and writing
  • Encourages open and transparency learning for children – they are comfortable and enjoying their learning at school. Staff are attentive and caring for children
  • Teach the Christian values.  My child really enjoys assemblies
  • Respect of others. Reading.
  • Sports
  • Teaches the importance of respect and good behaviour
  • The school has a clear identity and purpose. I see this at events like the sports day and various parent-organised events.
  • Good focus across curriculum & behaviours
  • All staff are professional and respectful of parents and children. There is an overwhelming sense of care by the staff over the children’s overall well-being.  Ensuring they are happy, which I think is vitally important. This is not to say there isn’t clear focus on their academic and physical education but there just seems to be a healthy balance between the two. Thank you to all the staff, including those behind the scenes, and to Mr Miller for running a lovely school. It’s not an enviable job! Thank you for everything you do. It does not go unnoticed.
  • Provision of clubs is good & improving. School has good measures to notice kids’ emotional well-being. Class teachers very good at answering parent questions.
  • All children are cared for and respected
  • Fostering the idea to support each other in learning
  • The school maintains a great culture amongst the children and they are all comfortable to engage with each other across the year groups.
  • Behaviour of the kids
  • Share and promote values.
  • Encourage good behaviour.
  • The school is very good with children when they need that extra help
  • Listens to children and encourages them to be proud members of their school community; fosters a love of reading; teaching and implementing Christian values; a calm environment where children feel safe and looked after. Very important – the school teaches children to be respectful and kind to one another.
  • Encourages a good sense of community across the school.
  • Ensure that the children are kept safe
  • Staff are all excellent, teachers have been exceptional! Weekly newsletters keep us informed.
  • Good range of school trips and clubs available. Love the Information Evening at start of year.
  • Really engaged PTA.
  • Discipline
  • Religion Sport. Just very good in general
  • The children learn good values and manners
  • Making children feel valued and safe in their environment
  • Bringing the best out of the children and making them want to learn to their best ability possible.
  • Class Assemblies
  • Offering opportunities to try new things, and helping the children work to a high academic standard
  • Variety of learning
  • Push my children to be the best they can be
  • Organisation
  • Good all round – education and personal development
  • Everything
  • A child with no additional needs is very well supported within the school.
  • They are creative about how they deliver the curriculum and seem passionate about their role in helping the children to achieve their potential. I love how my children have developed a better understanding of their faith and feel the school have supported them to do so in a fun and exciting way.
  • Employs good teaching staff.
  • It is not any one thing, I like the ethos of the school
  • Behavioural expectations
  • Fostering a sense of community and belonging.
  • The school have experienced and dedicated teaching and support staff.
  • Teacher interaction with the parents
  • The atmosphere is lovely, children across all year groups mix well.
  • Focus on English and Maths which I support of it being key subjects for children to focus on
  • I think the school is fantastic as a whole. It has brilliant ethics and I am glad to be part of it.
  • RE lessons, church visits, instils in children the love of God, children are polite, teachers very helpful.
  • Sense of community
  • Gets the balance right between hard work and a fulfilling and happy life.
  • Lovely supportive school with approachable friendly staff
  • Equality
  • Encourage and support the children
  • Knows the children, their personalities, strengths and areas for improvement. Staff have always worked with us, as parents, to share information and offer a supportive environment throughout the school day. I have no worries when I say goodbye to my son in the morning, as I know he is cared for comprehensively and in an understanding manner. I believe the experience he is having here will stand him in good stead in the future. Huge thanks to the office team who are always friendly and helpful.
  • Great teaching and interaction with parents
  • Bespoke support, involving the parent, supporting the child and the family
  • Carry the children along
  • Everything – the headteacher is just fantastic and all the teachers are great.

What could the School do to further improve?


Our Spring 2019 communications survey, and the more recent parental survey, both gave parents the opportunity to give us feedback on how well our school communicates with parents and offer suggestion as to which specific areas they felt may be improved. The ‘Gateway’ app proved popular and we would encourage as many of our school community to download this onto their mobile smart phones to further enhance their communication experience with our school.

On our most recent parental survey, 32% of respondents to this question mentioned the theme of communication as an area which they felt could be further improved. The main area suggested by parents was a desire for more specific information about the curriculum their child is following and their individual progress. The timing of communication was also mentioned along with replying and making payments in a paperless manner for trips and school events.

School response

The school has added a significant amount of detail for each curricular area mapping progression and key learning aims and objectives within our ‘Curriculum’ website tab.

The school has revised its mid-year report format to denote learning characteristics and attainment across the curriculum.

The school has a comprehensive website calendar denoting key school events which it maintains as soon as it is able to. Additionally, a sporting events calendar has been added under the ‘Children’ ‘Sports’ website tabs. We inform our parents as soon as we are able. Sometimes, the details from the hosting organisation are received less than a week before the event and so, on these occasions, the communication is likely to feel like short notice.

The school has introduced an online parental booking system for Parents’ Evenings and for ticketed school events.

The School Gateway app we continue to use has and does have the option of paying and giving permission electronically. If you are unsure how to do this, please speak to Mrs Davidson in person to be shown.

Extra-curricular provision

15% of respondents to this question mentioned a wish for more after-school activities and particularly for Key Stage 1 pupils.

School response

The school has extra-curricular clubs running across the week to maximise the use of its available resourcing. The school presently offers Key Stage 2 chess, football, netball and choir as free clubs and offers the option of tennis and Rock Steady Music as paid for clubs.

The school has introduced Key Stage 1 French as a lunchtime club and a KS1 Multi-skills sports club has been introduced on Monday lunchtime. Tennis continues to be available as a paid for club for Key Stage 1 each Wednesday. Our Early Years’ children are quite tired by the end of the school day and as our children become older the breadth of clubs increases accordingly. We hope to offer a sports club involving EY2 in the summer term as is stage appropriate. In the previous year, this was ‘Bikeability’ and developed bike riding skills and awareness of road safety.